Have You Taken Your Multi-Vitamin Today?

Most adults are of two camps: either they take a daily multi-vitamin or they don’t. The camp that doesn’t should soon change their ways.
Nowadays, you need to cover all of your bases.
Long commuting to and from work, along with sitting all day at a computer, doesn’t help your health.
After you get home from your 8+hour workday and commute you have to think about making dinner for yourself and your family along with personal chores (laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, pets, children, etc.) This will leave little time to make health-conscious decisions on what you’re eating.

When was the last time you sat down and ate dinner at your dining room table and actually looked at the food you were eating? No Tv, no smartphone, no reading, no distractions.

A diet full of processed and fast foods does not provide our bodies with the vitamins and minerals needed for overall health. Also consider the strength of our body’s immune system – germs and viruses are constantly attacking our immune system. ¬†Maybe you’re trying to be healthy but you’re on a certain medication that depletes certain nutrients in your body.

When we aren’t in great overall health we have to help our body by supplementing in the necessary vitamins and minerals.

To make matters worse, our soil is not as rich in nutrients as it was 50 years ago. (An article that expands on this is http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/soil-depletion-and-nutrition-loss/ ) If you skim through the article you will see that current mono-cropping practices have stripped the soil bare of nutrients and minerals used by that crop. You will also find that farmers add more chemical fertilizers to their feilds to get that crop to yeild more harvestable fruits/vegetables for market.

Most crop plants are ‘bred’ to yield faster as well as produce produce that looks good in our local grocery store. Increased nutrient value is not ‘bred’ into plants. It’s not about our health – it’s about making more money.

In short, our food is less nutritious than when our grandparents were alive, and it’s only going to get worse. This is found across the board in all harvestable produce. In all honesty you would be better off growing a tiny garden in your backyard. Unless you live in Canada where I do and you have insane amounts of snow.

Buying organic produce and cooking from scratch will help improve your overall health. Also, making sure you’re taking a multi vitamin along with listening to your body and noticing any changes that might be linked to a vitamin or mineral deficiency. Your body knows what it needs – you just have to listen to it.