Weight Loss Drinks

If you want to lose weight, it may be time to assess what you drink as well as what you eat.

For years everyone has believed that to lose weight you have to cut calories or burn more calories through exercise. However, many people fail to consider the impact that their drinks have on their weight loss goals. Drinks contain calories just like food, but some drinks that are low calorie are high in carbs, or considered healthy and are high in carbs. These drinks raise your blood sugar and hinder weight loss!


Many people are good at looking at their diet and knowing what they should and shouldn’t eat, but don’t take time to look at their alcohol consumption in the same way. Alcohol should be accounted for as part of your daily calorie allowance, so a couple for drinks a day will soon add up. Alcohol affects metabolism, even if you take a low calorie and low carb approach to weekend social drinking. I can’t say that a glass of wine or a gin and soda will stymie weight loss efforts completely, but it is something to consider and watch if you have hit a weight loss stall or plateau.

Coffee & Tea

Some drinks that many of us have every day is coffee or tea. Are these helping or hindering your weight loss efforts? Studies have shown that drinks containing caffeine might interfere with weight loss – some say they help, others say they hinder. Whichever is true for you (it may be an individual diagnosis), one thing is certain. The stimulation that occurs after drinking caffeine (whether from coffee, tea or soda), are likely to create cravings for more of the same. In some cases we may psychologically link drinking of tea or coffee to eating a snack (coffee and a sugar donut, tea and high carb crumpets). In these cases, even if the coffee itself isn’t doing any harm it’s still encouraging a snacking habit, which won’t help with weight loss.

Green tea for weight loss is commonly known as studies have shown that green tea extract may help you to lose weight. However, a lot of the green tea on the market isn’t the right kind or is too weak to make a difference.


If you think that switching from an unhealthy soda to a nutrient rich fruit juice is the way to go, you’ll want to rethink your diet plan. While it’s true that fruit juice may provide more health benefits than a sugary drink, they are still loaded with sugars (some with unnatural sugars) that will spike your blood sugar and increase insulin production. Choose juice without added sugar and water it down by 90%. That way you’ll still get the flavor, while filling up with healthful water, and not causing a blood sugar spike.


Water is always the answer. Not only does it keep you hydrated, it helps to wash away the accumulated toxins from a previously bad diet.

What our brains perceive as hunger is often thirst. Drinking more water every day can reduce the cravings that cause overeating. Drinking a couple of glasses of water before each meal helps to fill you up and slow down on consumption of your meals. Your stomach has time to signal ‘fullness’ to your brain. This makes it a lot easier to reduce portion sizes if that has been a problem for you in the past.

Water is always best. If you’re used to drinking coffee, sugary drinks, alcohol and soda, then gradually replacing them with water will help your weight loss efforts, even if you change nothing else about your diet.